New videos coming at ya!

Hey there friends! This is a bit scary for me but I have a special announcement to make. I’ve wanted to do a series of videos for some time now but didn’t really know how to focus them. With terrific advice and support, I’m ready to announce they are coming out. The first video will be published tomorrow! So be sure to check this space. I would greatly appreciate it if you watch the video, subscribe to my channel, and share it widely.

These videos are going to cover a range of topics relating to Florida criminal law. I’ll draw on my experience as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney to explain the law, interacting with the police, the court system, and more. These videos will be perfect for law students, new lawyers, or even regular folks who are simply curious.

Here’s the really scary part: please share your feedback with me. That’s right, I want you to tell me what you like and what you didn’t like. Keep in mind I’m still learning how to do this and hopefully the videos will become more polished as we proceed. Thank you all so much! Special thanks to Jodi Miles for all of her efforts!