COVID19 Update - Stay the F**k Home, Florida!

After substantial pressure for the past few weeks, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has finally issued a statewide stay-at-home order with Executive Order 20-91.

The stay-at-home order takes effect at midnight tonight. What this means is when the clock strikes 12 tonight, all people are required to stay inside. Of course, there are exceptions. The governor's office will exempt "essential" businesses and services from closing. These generally include supermarkets and food stores, restaurants offering food delivery or curbside takeaway, pharmacies, and law offices. For now, liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries have been considered essential businesses. People are allowed to leave their houses to obtain to patronize those businesses.

Don't be a dummy. What people can't do is sit outside their house and have a neighborhood gathering, even if people are staying 6-10 feet away from each other. While tempting, this isn't actually "social distancing" and is endangering efforts to stop the Covid19 virus.

Obviously there will be a lot of "grey areas" when it comes to this stay at home order. The governor's office will be announcing what are considered essential businesses and services but don't be surprised to find that those things change.

So what now? The order is set to last thirty (30) days but of course that can change as well. The governor may issue future extensions and in all honesty we should expect this to be extended.

Currently there are stay at home orders in some Florida counties, such as Orange, Alachua, and Broward counties. In these counties, people who are arrested for violating a curfew or stay at home order may be held in jail on no bond! Look, the last place you want to be is in jail, especially during a pandemic. If you are arrested or otherwise charged with violating any stay at home orders, please call Trabin Law at 407-925-2949 and help will be on the way!

A link to the Governor's executive order (Executive Order 20-91) is below: